What’s a Monon?

Nodes on the internet

CC-BY Matt Britt

I came across the term Monon for the first time when I read a book by Carsten Bresch. It is best described as planetary organism. According to his theory there is a repeating pattern which leads to an increase in complexity throughout time. In his book ‘Evolution – What is left of God’ , he uses the term Monon to describe the next step in evolution. The basic idea is that everybody has to restrict himself and play his role, so that the global organism can sustain for a long term; it seems a fitting name for a social business.

The vision of an extraordinary complex but harmonious system might – considering the challenges, misunderstandings and friction we face today – often seem unreachable. Nevertheless, we should not give up this vision; on the contrary, we should again and again create awareness of this matter in order to develop the road slowly but steadily. It’s this vision on which the action of Monon e.U. is founded.

This idea of high complexity is perfectly complemented by the theory of spiral dynamics (based on Grave’s levels). Spiral dynamics deals with different live models which influence WHY people but also organizations do what they do. The theory also acknowledges an increase in complexity and at the same time admits the parallel existence of different levels of complexity.

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