Software Architecture

Already in my time at school I have developed websites. The first one directly using HTML-code. My final project for my graduation was a website for a local petrol station (never published) … anyway not very sustainable from today’s perspective :-).

In my time at  Eurofunk Kappacher (and its daughter company Lohn & HR later) I have leaned a lot from my first mentor Hans Diegruber about how to coneptualize and maintain a modulare software as well as how to gradually improve an existing solution without creating a patchwork as result. I my 9 years as software consultant I have been in charge of all our big complext customers and have prepared their requirements for our software developers. Under my supervision we also established a software manager (an early version of what today project management tools such as Jira are doing) in which we handled all the change requrest of the different customers as well as the legally induces changes of the software.

In 2012 I wrote my master’s thesis on the topic of embedding social media in real live relations. In the context of that paper I have analysed social media not solely from a user’s perspecive but also systemically analysed the risk, potential and limitations of social media with the conclusion: social media can only strenghten existing relations and engagements, but can not initiate new relationships.

In 2014 I got engeged as one co-founder of the start-up Career Disha Nepal and started developing a integrated software solution for edcuational and career counseling in Nepal. The organization was from the beginnig on conceptualized to have blended solutions in form of online services and ifnormations such as an online psychometric assessment or an job and educational database which can be combined with a variety of offlien workshops, trainings and counseling services. All those ideas could be turned into reality thanks to Patrick Menke, who did an incredible job in coding the whole project.

Occasionally I do help social businesses and social project with their web appearance. Normally by helping them to install CMS-solutions such as word-press or supporting them in switching ot a new online shop. Most recently I have supported Radha Paudel, the Radha Paudel Foundation as well as the Coop-Pinzgau in their endeavours.