YouLEAD is an international project with the aim to build capacity among youth workers in regard to digital media and how to use it to spread the word about the sustainable development goals (SDG). The aim of that project is that all participating organizations learn more about the SDGs and know how to use digital tools to spread the word about them.


The consortium is made up of 8 organizations from 8 different countries (Macedonia, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Usbekizstan). The project was organized by Marketing Gate from Skopje (Macedonia).


In April 2019 an initial training camp is held in Struga (Macedonia) in which the participants get to know each other and explore the topic with each other. After their return tot heir home country, they will spread the word about the content and the project in their place.

When and Where?

The venue of the training is right next to lake Ohrid

April 2019 – Struga (North Macedonia)

the first trainig camp is happening in Struga (North Macedonia) with the aim to create a group and work on the content.

summer 2019 – Austria

Each participating organization will organize an dissemination event back in their home town to share what they have learned with other organizations.
Parallely we will develop an app, which allows youth to explore the sustainable development goals in a playful manner.

September 2019 – Struga (North Macedonia)

Final meeting in Struga in which the group reflects on their works and possibly plans for another meeting.



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