operative level

On this page, you find more information on my work on the operative level. I’m enjoying to guide people and to facilitate creative processes in workshops or simply create an aha-effect when I’ve succeeded to open up a new world-view to my audience or participants.

The work on the operative level is important for me to keep in touch in with the base and to understand their thoughts but also because I believe that change can only emerge from inspiration and the latter can best be caused in interpersonal exchange in small groups.

Below you find some examples for my work on the operative level:

External Lecturer on Sustainability

Since spring 2017 I’m teaching the Master’s classes at the University of applied sciences in Kufstein (FH Kufstein) related to sustainability matters.

Social Business

In this English lecture, I’m introducing the students step by step to the topic of social business. I start therefore from breaking a few stereotypes, we normally have about current economic system and introduce new concepts such as the steady state economy, alternative currency models and critically discuss with the students apparently sustainable practices such as Payment for Environment Services or our contemporary financial system.

From there we start to understand, which role Social Business can (and cannot) fulfill in society and we learn about the different types of social businesses before we spend the last part of the lecture on developing a particular business plan for a particular social business.

Sustainability In Sport- Culture and Event Management

In this lecture the main objective was to introduce the students of the Master’s program in Sport, Culture and Event Mangagement to the concept of sustainability. Those students will go out and become the future leaders and decision makers of big or small sport events such as the Olympic games, Cultural Institutions from all genres: be it a modern concert venue or a opera house and of business events such as huge conferences and fairs, all of which due to their nature have a huge environmental as well as socio-economic impact on the location or destination they are happening or based.

The aim of the lecture is to create the reflective power in the students on the impact Sports, Culture and Event Management inevitable has, how this relates to the bigger picture of our societal norms and economic system to then turn towards very pragmatic tools and measures managers in this sector can at least reduce the negative impact they have to then in a next step create positive impact though their doing.

Social Business Training

I’ve developed a variety on training tools for introducing different target audience on the topic of social business. All my workshops and training on social business are a well balanced mixture of providing some theoretical background, introducing case studies and having hands-on practical exercises and educational games as per requirement.

Even though I’ve developed all the training content myself, I’m frequently useing references to

I’ve conducted training for entrepreneurs from rural areas in Nepal, with barely any education, mixed groups of youth in Europe and in Nepal as well as Master’s students in management in Europe and develop the curriculum dependent on the target group’s focus.

Of course I include my insight from my work as freelance researcher – about which you find more information in the section on reflective level –  in the design of my workshops and training.