Workshops Social Business

Over the past years I have developed plenty of case studies, interactive exercises and other material on the topic of social business, in which I do deal with the very hands on requirements of social business as a basic principle for start-ups as well as meta information from an ongoing discourse on the topic of social entrepreneurship and alternative economic models. Among others I have developed an own social business typology, which can help start-ups in asking the right questions at the right time.

No matter if you would like to have a short introduction on the topic in form of a presentation or a series of workshops for start-ups: I’m looking forward to helping you and do have the right tools in place. If the setting allows, I prefer interactive workshops in which the participants can bring in their own background and ideas. Below you can find some examples of topics or headlines of the trainigs:


  • Overview on the European and international history of social business
  • case studies from Europe and Asia
  • business modelling for social entrepreneurs
  • social business vs. social entrepreneur
  • social business as too for the great transformation
  • social business and the common good economy
  • social business in the context of social democracies vs. countries of the global south
  • social business and sustainability
  • different between micro finance and social business
  • limitations of social businesses
  • social business and the commons

Workshop Packages

I would be more than happy to develop a tailor made program for your organzation or event. Please do not hesitate to contact me.