Change of Scenes: Namaste Nepal

A bit lacking sleep but full with pleasant anticipations Inge Patsch arrived Tuesday evening at the airport of Kathmandu. In the coming months different activities in Nepal are planned: Firstly, the VHS Bhaktapur should be further developed.

picture of workshop

Working on the strategic goal with Anil, Saroj, Emma, Viola and Michael

This organization with a focus on the German language is already supporting many young Nepali with better skills and by doing so to raise their chances for a good job. This week a first workshop took place, where together with the founders Anil Sapkota, Saroj Bastola and parts of the team of the VHS Bhaktapur strategic goals where worked out.

Even if the focus is for the moment on the VHS Bhaktapur monon e.U. is also searching for other projects from the field of formal and informal education – especially when dealing with disadvantaged groups. During the next weeks, we will get in contact with international organizations here in Nepal but we also hope to reach organization, which are not connected to such international networks yet, so pleas spread the word and contact us if interested …

Already on my first day here the possibility opened up to join a friend who is working as journalist for her own project MeetTheMoment to spend a whole afternoon with the street children project Kushi. The workers of this organization mediate between the children, hostels and schools and take care of the children right where they are: in the backyards and the parks of the city.

chaotic backyard of Kathmandu

one afternoon with Kushi:

This very valuable experience about the everyday life one of the weakest groups in the Nepalese society should help to expect upcoming challenges of future project a bit easier even if the butterfly-effect as Peter Kruse put it will always be there.

Whatever the following month will bring exactly, I – Inge Patsch – am very happy to be back in this wonderful country and hope to make a small contribution to the development of this country with my work. What is for sure, is that I will collect a lot of experience. On a personal level but also on a professional by seeing examples who cooperation can also work outside the strongly commercially oriented countries in Europe.