The sustainable Development Goals and the planetary boundaries

The sustainable development Goals (SDG) are a big step forward. For he first time we have a global agenda – a international aim where we want to go as humanity. In addition it offers a framework with which we can track, where on this journey we are.

But as with all things in live, there is still possibility to improve. One big weakness of the SDGs is the format looking at progress in separate clusters. The format is blind to the interconnectedness between the particular indicators. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker is describing the risk this bears very well in his book Come On!.

Also the researchers of the Stockholm Resilience Center have been dealing with this topic and tried to model how different scenarious would impact the planetary boundaries. Here more about the project:

3 scenarious are somewhat achieving progress in the next few years. But on the long run (80 years) they will lead to disastrous problems with the planetary boundaries:

Only in the sceario “smarter” humanity has been successful: we are within the safety of the planetary boundaries and have achieved most of the SDGS: