Sustainability in Sport-, Culture and Event Management

What are aspects, where the western wordl/Europe is acting sustainable at the moment?

“What exactly is sustainability?”, “How sustainable are big sport events?” and “What can managers in sports, culture and event management contribute to sustainability?” where some of the questions the master’s students in sports, culture and event management at the university of applied science in Kufstein dealt with during my lecture on sustainability.

Throughout the lecture we have scrutinized the tripple bottom line approach, dealt with our ecological footprints as well as with the socio-economic inequalitities and similar key figures as well as discussed the socio-cultural aspects of sustainability and sustainable behaviour.

First estamiation of the sustainability of different activities and organizations in sports, culture and event management.



We continued our session by reviewing different measurement tools for sustainability before we dealt closer with the common good matrix.The students where split up in 3 groups which dealt with different topics which all summarized together the question: which parts of the common good matrix can be directly applied to sport and culture events and which one need to be adopted.

One of the results was, that it was hard to locate athletes in teh current matrix as they are often neither clients nor employees nor suppliers. The same applies to artists in the context of concerts for example. Furthermore do many sport and culture organizations act as small and voluntarily organizations which do furthermore require a special treatment in the common good matrix.

Yet: many questions remained open so I’m looking forward to discuss those open questions with next years students.