A Brief Institutional Analysis on Social Businesses as Option for Start-Ups in Nepal

This paper has been presented during Nepal’s firs international conference on Social Entrepreneurship, which has happend in Nepal in July 2016. The paper is based on some small grass-roots analysis I’ve been conducting in Summer 2015. It shows that almost half of the analysied social busines are employment oriented:

Own statistic based on the applicants for the Surya Nepal Social Entrepreneurship Award

The paper concludes, that even though Social Business clearly exists as distinct type of organizatiosn in Nepal it is still limited to handful of pioniering start-ups which are rather to be found in urban areas. In institutional terms it is still an emerging phenomenon and the change has yet only reached to the organizational level and is only slowly beginning to manifest itself on the sectoral level, but is far from being well integrated in the institutions.

As the planned publication in a own conference edition unfortunately never happend, I’m sharing this article here online now.