Alpbach: Inspiration and Network

In the last two weeks of August I had the great pleasure of experiencing the European Forum Alpbach in its full length, made possible by a scholarship of the Club Alpbach Salzburg. During these weeks many very interesting and high-quality talks were held, on issues like the international energy crisis by Nobel Laureate Robert Laughlin, about lobbying in Brussels and about current developments in spatial planning towards being more green.

Gruppenfoto mit Emanuel Barroso, Franz Fischler und Werner Feymann

by Peter Mayer

“Political borders are in the best case absurd, normally homicidal and dangerous”, said Robert Menasse in the closing discussion. Not only artists but also the president of the EU Commision Emanuel Barroso stressed that to focus on more integration is not just an ideology but a systemic requirement.

Apart from being an inspiration to consider new perspectives on one or more issues, especially the working group on social business was very fruitful and brought me to rework the website of Monon e.U. slightly. The new sites What is a Monon? and social business ought to explain the vision closer to the visitor and describe in more detail how the principles of social businesses influence the actions of the Monon e.U.

In addition, Alpbach was the perfect place to improve the network of Monon e.U. First contacts were established with organisations like UNIDO or Ashoka – an organization which supports changes makers – networks like the hub or other social Entrepreneurs like Andreas Heinecke founder of Dialogue in the Dark were established and these will all be followed up in the coming weeks.